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Reimagine learning

Prepare employees for the future

Building a learning culture for the future

It’s time to transform existing learning methods towards today’s fast-paced, ever-changing work environment.

Personal Development

Individualized experience to engage the learner

Independent & Curated Learning

Learners can discover content by searching or viewing curated learning based on their preferences. Receive notifications, bookmark learning, and keep up with colleagues! Learners can also “Pick up where you left off” as soon as they log back in.

Promote Content

Learners can explore promoted learning throughout the application. Promoted content can target all learners or specificfor group.

Unlimited Personal Content & Playlists

Create personalized collections of content or playlists. Learners can add external resources like articles, videos and podcasts to accelerate their learning and receive credit.

Community & Social

Sharing creates compound results & community fortifies knowledge

Promote Learner Content or Collections

Learners can share their expertise with peers or across the organization by making personalized collections of content (or playlists) public to others.

Community Feedback

Crowdsourced promotion through ratings and interactions through commenting provides meaningful feedback to their peers.

View Recommendations from Peers

Rapidly evolving AI-driven results based on feedback and activity, tuned to your areas of interest.


Open, extensible and rapidly evolving

Tech Features

AI-powered Search: Search across all your catalog providers

Consolidated Transcript: Unified learning activity records across all conten catalogs in one space

Data-driven Recommendations: Leverage machine learning techniques to surface relevant content

For Users

Multi-language Support: Offer support for 10-plus languages; Additional languages upon request

Fully Responsive: Allows similar learner experience on any device, lets users complete content on the go


API Access: Clients can upload and download entire content catalogs. Additionally, get full API access to all functionality for custom applications

Ability to Integrate with BI Tools or LRS: Detailed activity captured and exported to your system for customized reporting

Configuration & Management

Flexibility to make the application fit your needs

Highly Configurable

  • White-label interface
  • Promote learning with carousels
  • Control placement
  • Create banners
  • Add tile links

Create & Manage Content

  • Create learning paths and journeys
  • Custom taxonomy and tagging
  • Moderation
  • Upload documents and files
  • Promote learner content and collections


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